Aleksandra Gaca at Milan Design Week 2018 Italian Event

During the Salone del Mobile (April 17 – 22), designer Aleksandra Gaca presented her latest custom textiles made for Renault SYMBIOZ concept car.

Renault Design has joined forces with Aleksandra for her exhibition at Masterly – the Dutch in Milano, to highlight the importance of her textiles to the innovative SYMBIOZ concept, comprising a concept-car and a house. Visitors at Masterly could see the car and a lounge sofa inspired by the SYMBIOZ house – furnished with the same Bloko fabric in several contemporary colourways.

Sofa and car together were a part of a warm, welcoming exhibition where visitors could relax in the lounge-like ambience, see the car from close by, experience the textiles, and learn more about Renault SYMBIOZ. Immerse yourself in the Aleksandra Gaca‘s world !

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