Become a Hooch with Les Cachotières French StartUp

    Now, we change outfits when want us, and not only for dancing! To go to the office, to the prom, to marry, to stroll, to expect from children, remake the world, have a drink…


    The Cachotières is a platform of rentals of chic outfits between people who said “Bye Bye to old ways to consume fashion.” First integrated at the Euratechnologies incubator, the start-up launched its first site in March.


    A careful selection of models (jackets, dresses, tops, skirts, suits, shorts, coats) or still in store for everyone and every occasion! Weddings, galas, chic evenings or theme or even job interviews! For the readers of Kodd Magazine the Cachotieres team will share the following code: KODD10 which gives you 10% discount on all the site until the end of December.


    Enter in the locker room of les Cachotières

    Marine Cheniti

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