Being Blind Project By Jérôme Poulalier

BEING BLIND PROJECT, an incredible photographic report on the blind, realised in Dallas by Jérôme Poulalier from 22/06 to 05/11 2016.

What is left when you lose sight, or when the concept of the image and related representations is completely unknown? Fumble in the dark, feel the cool breeze on your skin, penetrate your own emotions, imagine your environment under the single prism of your most intimate perceptions, evolve in consciousness, nourish a different direction beyond the sighted world…

Jérôme Poulalier, photographer and co-founder of Shutter Clothing, a brand dedicated to photography in Lyon, photographed more than 30 people, each of whom shared his story, his anecdotes, all crazier than the others (experiences with the blind in the pool, bowling, gym, baseball …).

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Victoire Beyens

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